Sprout Video Does NOT Deliver Value for Marketers

When you compare Sprout Video & Vidalytics side by side, it is obvious which one delivers much more value.

Vidalytics not only costs less than Sprout Video, but will make you more sales.

This is thanks to Video Conversion Technology, a suite of features that have been tested in the real world of marketing and come out with huge conversions. And only Vidalytics offers it.

Video Conversion Technology
In Video ‘Call to Action’ Buttons
Email Gate — Lead Generation
Resume play for returning visitors
Email & CRM Tagging with Zapier
Exit Thumbnail
Exit Call to Actions
Disable Pausing
Auto Play
Smart AutoPlay
Mobile AutoPlay
1-tap Unmute & Fullscreen for Mobile
Autoplay Overlay
Unmute & Restart
Muted AutoPlay
Marketing Analytics
Video Heatmaps Skips & Rewinds
Only Individuals
Playable Graphs
Video Conversion Tracking
Compare Two Video Graphs at Once
Revenue & ROI Tracking
Pause & Un-pause Metrics
Adjustable Date Range Video Graphs
Video Marketing Dashboard
Cross Domain Tracking
Video Graph Segments
Traffic Sources
Buyers vs. Non-Buyers
New vs. Returning Visitors
Video Management
Domain Whitelisting
Player Customization
No Branding
Bulk video upload
Prioritized multiple videos per page
Mobile Only Thumbnail
Redirect videos at dive end

Paid plans were compared from both companies as of Q1 2018

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