Unleash The Most Powerful Way To Sell Online

Online Video is at the heart of nearly every online business. It is the most powerful way to sell, teach and entertain. But until now, it was nearly impossible to tell what was happening inside your videos while your audience is viewing them.

It is totally crazy there are dozens of analytic tools for the rest of your website (like Google Analytics, heatmaps, screen recorders, and more), but nothing very useful for your videos.

Now, with Vidalytics, you can get the same insights for your videos. The biggest driver of your marketing.

All the Data That Matters Most to Marketers

Say goodbye to vanity metrics like total plays or engagement.

Vidalytics tells you the whole story of your video’s performance second by second, user by user — so you can see which parts of your videos are engaging, boring, losing people or driving conversions.

This makes it as easy as reading a treasure map to improve your videos, your marketing and your sales.

Good Data is the
“Secret Weapon” of
Master Marketers

The biggest difference between amateurs and highly successful marketers is data.

Getting powerful insights from it is the greatest shortcut you can take to the top of your industry. It is like having the “cheat codes” to making your business incredibly successful.

When you have the right data, every decision is easy.

Vidalytics gives you this data —simply and clearly.

You’ll get stunning insights to unlock conversions in rich data displays that are easy to interpret. So much so, it is like sitting acrossfrom your prospectswhile they watch your videos.

Unlock Monster Conversions For Your Videos Now

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