Invite Your Friends to Vidalytics + Get Rewarded

Invite your friends to join Vidalytics, and for each one who sings up you’ll both get a bonus of 500 plays a month & storage for 5 extra videos

Plus — refer 5 friends and get the watermark removed from your player. If you need even more space, upgrade your account

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Here’s How It Works

  • Share your special link by any of the methods above or simply copy and send to friends
  • For each friend you refer who signs up, you’ll both receive a bonus of 500 plays per month and storage for 5 extra videos
  • These bonuses stick for life — they never expire
  • After referring 5 friends your videos will no longer have the Vidalytics logo watermark & link on your videos — so your videos look super slick and professional
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you get to sign up. Just don’t spam anyone :)
  • Unlock additional sweet prizes, new features and the chance to come visit Vidalytics in Denver
  • You can even get an Enterprise Vidalytics Account for FREE with 100 sign ups (comes with direct access to our CEO, Patrick Stiles, a 7-figure marketer & Optimized Video Delivery for the fastest video loads available to human kind)

Milestones (Get SOME!)


1st Friend You Refer — Pop Your Referral Cherry! Get in The Game!
Your 1st referral doubles your free account limits for you AND the lucky friend you refer! BOOM!


NO Vidalytics Logo or link on your player anymore. People will think you paid for your video hosting. LOL!


Free 1-hour coaching call with our CEO, a 7 figure video marketer


Our Super Secret, Never Before Released, “7 Figure Video Crash Course”


The highest of high fives and free lunch (Note: You have to come to Denver and be able to high five to claim this prize… Unless you live somewhere we want to visit)


Unlock an enterprise account of Vidalytics (valued at $12,000 per year). Comes with our CEO’s cell phone number AND optimized video delivery for the fastest load times available to mankind, early access to cutting edge features and a super-cool Vidalytics t-shirt

Contest Rules

1. Don’t do anything douchy, like a bunch of fake sign ups. We have advanced fraud detection, and we’ll totally find out… then, we’ll find you… and kick you off Vidalytics. Because Vidalytics is strictly douchebag-free.

2. Don’t spam people. Seriously, no one likes spam. Zero.

3. To refer friends, you must have friends.

3.1. Frenemies allowed.

3.2. Your mom does NOT count, unless she is a badass video marketer and needs the best video player for getting conversions :P

4. Otherwise, have fun. Vidalytics is the best video player & platform for getting conversions. No joke. With it, you can unlock higher conversions than before, and so will anyone you refer. Let’s totally crush this!