Vidalytics Wins FinancesOnline’s Awards for Exceptional Marketing Software

Vidalytics was recently lauded by one of the leading B2B software reviewers on the web today., one of the  trusted names in the critical analysis of SaaS and productivity software, subjected our product to a rigorous test that gave it a positive review—and even saw it fit to give it a set of awards. standardized scoring system runs all products and vendors through a scoring system, and gives each one a ranking depending on how each one performed. As mentioned earlier, Vidalytics performed very well, and was even awarded with two of the review site’s awards: the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017 for the best marketing software. The reviewers felt that our product provided our clients with the best value in the market to date. found that we brought powerful analytics to our clients, something that let our customers make full use of their online video publishing campaigns. The reviewers discovered that our service gave our clients insights from their videos that became instrumental in improving the way they reached their market. This was also discussed in their list of  top 10 marketing software solutions. Vidalytics helped them understand who was watching their material, and how to further interact with them. And this, according to FinancesOnline, gave us an edge against the rest of the competition.