How Speed Benchmark Tools Lie

Speed benchmark tools (such as Pingdom, GTMetrix, Page Speed Insights) that measure your page’s load times, can be misleading. Unfortunately, they rely on narrow definitions of best practices and don’t incorporate how a modern video player behaves, especially Vidalytics. Vidalytics’ player is built for performance, not for benchmark tools. And it would be impossible to […]

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Youtube is Getting Less Friendly for Marketers
YouTube has decided to force a couple of features on their player that will negatively affect marketers and any person that uses videos to sell online. This seems to be the last resource of the company to push marketers out of the social network. As of September 25th, 2018, if you use YouTube to...

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Workaround for Desktop Browsers Blocking Autoplay Videos
Safari and Chrome are now blocking Autoplay videos even on desktop. And the rest of the browsers are going to roll out similar features soon. Vidalytics Gives You Several Options To Get Around Autoplay Blocking Only in Vidalytics you can opt for your videos to autoplay on mute (only if the browser...

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