New Features Marketers Will LOVE: In-Video Call to Action Buttons and Custom Pause Screen

We’ve done it again. We’ve made Vidalytics even cooler 🙂

This time, we added 2 new features: In-video Call To Action Buttons & Custom Pause Screen.

With In-video CTA Buttons, you can now trigger a call to action inside your videos at the specific second you want your viewers to take action.

You can use this as timed buy button or to simply redirect your viewers to a new page.

Take a look at it:

Custom Pause Screen will let you show a custom message (different from your thumbnail) if your viewers press the pause button.

This way, you can regain their attention if they were disengaged, or show your offer right then and there.

See it in action:

Let us know what you think of these features by starting a chat with us or reaching out at

We’d also LOVE to know what other features you’d like to see in the future inside Vidalytics.