Workaround for Desktop Browsers Blocking Autoplay Videos

Safari and Chrome are now blocking Autoplay videos even on desktop. And the rest of the browsers are going to roll out similar features soon.

Vidalytics Gives You Several Options To Get Around Autoplay Blocking

Only in Vidalytics you can opt for your videos to autoplay on mute (only if the browser blocks it).

Or the option to “Force muted autoplay” all of the time.

Additionally, You can also have an optional flashing overlay on top of the video. The default says: “Your Video Is Playing Click for Sound.”

If you’re a paid users can customize this flashing overlay message to say anything you want.

And for all users you can change the color of this overlay message by tweaking your video’s foreground color.

These new autoplay options are similar to our Mobile Autoplay ones which also allow you to play the video on mute with a flashing overlay.

But you can control these two different autoplay options (desktop and mobile) separately.

You can have your videos only autoplay on desktop but not mobile or vice versa or both.

And the flashing overlay message on top of your video can be different for desktop than it is on mobile. Which helps since one is a click CTA and the other is a tap CTA. 🙂

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