Say Goodbye to The Confusing Bandwidth Billing

For those of you coming from other video platforms, this will be GREAT news.

Vidalytics has switched from the old fashioned and confusing bandwidth billing, and has transitioned into a more understandable and easier method: plays billing.

Have you any idea of how many GB you use per month? I bet you don’t.

Because this is an abstract concept to our minds.

But I bet you do know how many plays you have on average.

Because this is a more tangible concept, and, more importantly, an important business metric.

So, Vidalytics, seeing this difference and how it can affect the way you plan for your business, decided to change to this more effective way of billing. So you can plan ahead your expenses and also see how your business performs over time in a more useful way.

Now, if you were with us before we switched to play billing, you have nothing to worry about.

In the past, you had 25GB of bandwidth per month, and now you’ll get 500 plays/mo, which comes down to roughly the same capacity.

The only difference is that you’ll now have more control and knowledge about how your videos are performing, which, in turn, will let you plan more accurately in advance.

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